Network Services


Chris Piety - Director
Chris has been with MTSU since December 1990. As Assistant Director of Network Services, his responsibilities include: managing the network group, day to day network operations, new network and backbone installations, external connections, resolving network problems dealing with traffic or hardware failure; and providing technical support and design for the expansion and upgrade of the campus network.

(615) 898-5973

Aaron Schmuhl - Information Technology Security Specialist
Aaron came to MTSU in March, 2008 and is an Information Technology Security Specialist. His duties include firewall and NAC configuration and maintenance, log monitoring, security education, evaluating network security and encryption products, and testing and developing new security methods to help ensure data and resources are protected.
(615) 898-5273

Bill Shadrake - Network Support Specialist
Bill Shadrake came to MTSU in 1999 as a Network Support Specialist. He is primarily responsible for the wireless network, network design, new installs, and network maintenance. Other duties include network documentation and address assignments.
(615) 898-5333

Ollie Garrison - Data Communications Specialist
Ollie Garrison has been with MTSU since February 1993 and is a Data Communications Technician. His responsibilities include installing and troubleshooting campus network fiber, and twisted pair wiring, configuring and installing network equipment, and maintaining and expanding the fire alarm circuits.

(615) 898-5656