Server Classroom and Desktop Services

Master Classrooms

MTSU's Information Technology Division (ITD) initiated the master classroom project on campus and directed its implementation and development. Planning of master classrooms at MTSU proceeded with support from both administration and faculty. Funds were allocated for equipment, software, and room preparations, as well as for faculty training and grants.

Master classroom committees were formed in each college of the University to work with ITD to identify the equipment and software that would best meet the college's needs as well as choose the location of the master classroom for that college.

Additional master classrooms continue to be developed, with individual departments contributing to their design and funding. As of August 2000, MTSU has 89 master classrooms in five colleges.

The capacities of the classrooms range from 25 - 350.

The average cost of the equipment and room renovations has been $30,000-$35,000 per master classroom. ITD continues to administer and support the master classrooms and provides faculty training, technical support, and maintenance.