Conferencing Information

Skype for Business Conferencing

Audio and video conferencing is easy at MTSU with Skype for Business. Integration with Microsoft Outlook allows you to schedule and join meetings with just a click. For additional information, including step-by-step instructions, refer to the Skype for Business FAQs.

Audio Conferencing (Polycom)

Telecommunication Services has speakerphone devices available for use. These phones allow a better quality speakerphone call than other phones by having full duplex conversation, special circuitry, large speakers, and high quality microphones.

For frequent use, we recommend departments purchase a speakerphone and phone service to be installed permanently. For occasional use, speakerphones are installed for users for a nominal charge (long distance charges may also apply). The charge for installing a speakerphone for one-time use (phone and service) is $80. There is a $40 charge for each additional day of use. If inside wiring is necessary there could be additional charges.

For those departments that make frequent speakerphone calls, it may be to their advantage to purchase their own speakerphone rather than pay per use. Speakerphones can be purchased for between $600 and $1000 depending on the model and features. The recurring cost for the phone line is $20 per month. If inside wiring is necessary there could be additional one-time charges.

There are a limited number of speakerphones available for use, so reserve your use of a phone at least one to two weeks ahead of time. Submit your request for speakerphone use by sending an email to Telecommunication Services at The following information is needed to complete your request:

  1. Date and time of day the speakerphone is needed
  2. Date and time of day when the speakerphone can be removed
  3. Building, Floor, and Room where the speakerphone will be installed
  4. Index to charge
  5. Local contact person for any questions about the request.

TCM Conference Room

The conference room in the Telecommunications Building is available by reservation, on a first come, first served basis. The conference room accommodates seating for 12 around a conference table, with additional room available around the walls for sitting. The room is equipped with a videoconferencing system, Polycom Soundstation (audio conferencing unit), a PC, including a wireless keyboard and mouse, a projector, projection screen, easel, and a dry erase board. To reserve the Telecommunication Services conference room, please contact Telecommunication Services at 615-898-2991. Department index number is required to secure reservation and will only be used if long distance charges are incurred during use of the conference room.