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Telecommunication Services provides telephone, voice mail, and Enabled VoiceMail (EVM) training by request, at no charge. Please contact Telecommunication Services to schedule training at 898-2206. Below is a description of the workshops provided by Telecommunication Services:

The telephone workshop introduces both analog and digital telephone sets and provides hands-on experience activating telephone features. Learn how to:

  • transfer calls
  • set call forwarding
  • place a call on hold
  • establish a conference call
  • program one-touch speed dialing keys

The voice mail workshop introduces new users to voice mail and provides additional information for experienced users, including hands-on training. Learn how to:

  • access voice mail
  • record or change voice mail greetings
  • retrieve voice messages
  • forward messages to other users
  • address messages via mailing lists

Enabled VoiceMail, or EVM, works in conjunction with the Intuity Audix voice mail system. In this workshop, learn how voice mail users can access their voice messages through the university's email system, thus allowing a single point of access for both voice mail and email. Items that will be discussed include:

  • What is Enabled VoiceMail, or EVM?
  • What is the difference between evmNotify and evmDelivery, and which is right for me?
  • What are the benefits of using EVM?
  • How does EVM work? Be ready to see EVM in action!

How do I report a problem with my phone?

How do I start or change my phone service?