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Voice Mail

Voice mail, which stores telephone messages in a password protected voice mailbox, is a free service offered to faculty, staff, and administration. Messages in the mailbox can be retrieved from any touch-tone telephone, including telephones that are off campus. Once messages have been retrieved, they can be saved, deleted, or forwarded to another voice mail user. Messages stored on the voice mail system are purged 10 days from the date of receipt. For information on storing messages longer, refer to the sections titled Message Manager and EVM.

Accessing Voice Mail

Dial 8080 on campus, or 904-8080 from off campus. The Audix voice mail system will prompt you with the following: "Please enter your extension and # sign." After entering your extension or mailbox number and the # sign, Audix will prompt you with the following: "Enter your password and # sign." At this point, enter your personal password and the # sign. PLEASE NOTE: THE INITIAL PASSWORD IS # SIGN.

Creating or Changing Personal Greetings

When your mailbox is initially established, you have the option of recording the primary greeting that all callers will hear. If you do not record the primary greeting, the system greeting will answer your calls, which states, "Your call is being answered by Audix. <Recorded name> is not available. To leave a message please wait for the tone.". However, you do have the capability to establish conditional greetings, which play different greetings for specific situations, for example either busy (on another line) or no answer.

To create or change a personal greeting:

  1. Access voice mail (615) 904-8080 and log in
  2. Select "Administer Personal Greetings" (3)
  3. Select "Create, Change, or Delete Greeting" (1)
  4. Enter Greeting Number that you would like to create or change (Press 2 to scan all of your greetings.)
  5. Record your new greeting by selecting 1
  6. After recording, press 1 again, then 2,3 to play back the newly recorded message
  7. Select # to accept change or *3 to delete the change

To activate conditional greetings:

  1. Access voice mail (615) 904-8080 and log in
  2. Select "Administer Personal Greeting" (3)
  3. Select "Administer Call Types" (4)
  4. Select Condition:
    1. Internal/External: Select 1
    2. Busy/No Answer: Select 2
  5. Select 3 to identify calls as "after hours" (4:30 p.m. - 8:00 a.m.) or select 4 for no designation of hours
  6. If a new greeting is needed to meet call conditions, select 1 to create a new greeting and a enter greeting number
  7. Select 3 to activate conditional greetings


Enabled VoiceMail (EVM) gives voice mail users access to their voice messages through the university's email system, allowing users a single point of access for both voice mail and email. There are two services offered through the EVM software: evmNotify and evmDelivery.

evmNotify can send either a notification to a user's email address or a text message to a user's wireless telephone when a message is waiting. Included in this notification is the caller identification information of the calling party, as well as the date and time the message was left.

In addition to sending the caller id, date, and time information, evmDelivery takes it one step further and sends the actual voice message as an audio attachment to a user's email inbox. With evmDelivery, users can reply to a voice message sent from another EVM user, via email, and can save the message in personalized folders for future reference on their computer's hard drive. Messages stored in these personalized folders remain on the computer's hard drive until deleted by the user.

For questions regarding EVM, please contact Telecommunication Services at 898-2206.

Message Manager

Message Manager gives voice mail users a visual and personalized way to manage their messages without foregoing the security of the conventional voice mail system. By using this optional software, users are able to preview voice messages, and then after listening to them, file them in personalized folders for quick retrieval in the future. Messages stored in these personalized folders remain on the computer's hard drive until deleted by the user.

In addition to storing messages, Message Manager also enables the user to add comments to an incoming message and forward the entire message to another voice mail user. Users can also view fax messages, set up or change their greetings, and edit outcalling options, all through Message Manager.

Message Manager is a free service. For questions about Message Manager, contact Telecommunication Services at 898-2206. To request Message Manager, click the link below to be directed to Footprints, ITD's work order system, or contact the ITD Help Desk at 898-5345.

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