• Judicial Affairs & Mediation Services
    A Division of Student Affairs
Traffic Citation Appeals

Student traffic citation appeals are heard by the Court of Traffic Appeals. Please visit the Student Government Association web site for full information.

Appeals may be made by visiting the SGA website, and decisions may be reviewed online as well.


What is mediation?

Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party (mediator) facilitates the discussion and identification of issues between the disputants, the development of alternate solutions, and the negotiation of a mutually satisfying outcome to the dispute.

"Training Peer Mediators in the College and University Setting: A Trainer's Guide" by Rick Olshak

Residential Life & Housing Rules

Special Regulations Applicable to Womack Lane Apartments

Womack Lane Apartments on the campus of Middle Tennessee State University are for the use of full- time students with a spouse, and/or a dependent child or children who will reside on campus with the full-time student. A student does not have to attend school during the summer sessions, provided the student enrolls full-time the following semester. A one-bedroom furnished apartment will be assigned to a family unit of two (2), and a two-bedroom furnished apartment (one bedroom is unfurnished) will be assigned to a family unit no larger than five (5). Please refer to the Womack Lane Apartments agreement for specific policies regarding use of dwelling, terms of payment, refunds, and termination of occupancy.

Information Requested by the University. Students shall submit to the University, upon request, signed statements or other required documents setting forth the pertinent facts concerning their household composition and student status. The University may reexamine such information periodically for the purpose of determining the right of continued occupancy.

Supervision of Children. Parents, legal guardians, and babysitters are responsible for providing appropriate care and supervision for children in their care and are responsible for the conduct of such children while the children are on Womack Lane Apartments and MTSU campus grounds. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or other adult while on the Womack Lane Apartments playground or in the Womack Lane Apartments Center.