General Information for Students

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The Handbook for Students in the Dept. of Political Science can be downloaded here.

Honors Thesis Guidelines

I advise honors theses under the following conditions (in addition to the requirements of the Honors College):

  1. You must be an International Relations major writing on a topic pertinent to International Relations.
  2. You must have completed PS3001 or an equivalent course if you plan to do data analysis (and it is likely you will need to do so).

You should approach me about thesis advising well in advance because I will not sign the thesis advising agreement until your proposal is complete. Therefore, we will need to discuss your topic. Then, once we agree on a topic, you will write the first draft of the proposal (following the Honors College guidelines and my requirements). Then, I will need two weeks to review the draft, after which you will be required to revise and resubmit the draft. This process will continue until you have a draft that I believe to be solid enough to be accepted by the Honors College Thesis Committee. Do not ask me to be your thesis advisor if you are not willing to endure the process above.

Other Useful Information

Study abroad information

Guidelines for Political Science Internships