Letters of Recommendation

I will write letters of recommendation for students who have met the following requirements*:

  1. I need your request as early as possible and at least two weeks prior to the deadline. A rushed letter will not be the best letter.
  2. You must have completed at least two courses with me, and one of them must have been at the 3000 or 4000 level. I cannot write good letters for students with whom my interactions are not academic. For example, I hesitate to write letters for students from Model UN who have not had any other courses with me.
  3. You must provide me with an up-to-date resume/vita and a brief statement explaining the purpose of the application (i.e. why this particular graduate program or fellowship)
  4. You must provide the full contact information for the person/organization receiving the letter.
  5. You must provide all required forms (preferably electronically) with all of your information completed.

I will be honest in my letters. So, do not ask me to write a letter for me if you have not done well in my classes.

*For MTAbroad Recommendations, I require only the Word Document with your information filled out (M#, Program, etc.). You do not need to meet the criteria listed above.  Note: I cannot complete recommendations for students participating in my study abroad program.