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Published Research

"Jackson's Zone of Twilight: Foreign Intelligence Surveillance and federal court decision making." With Amanda DiPaolo.  Homeland and National Security Law Review. Vol. 3 No. 1 (2015).

 "Comparing student and faculty perceptions of online and traditional courses." with Ryan Otter, Scott Seipel, Tim Graeff, Becky Alexander, Carol Boraiko, Joey Gray, and Kim Sadler. The Internet and Higher Education Vol. 19 (October 2013).

"Conflict Escalation in Dyads with a History of Territorial Disputes." International Journal of Conflict Management Vol. 21, No. 4 (2010).

Prospects for Political Stability in a Democratic Iraq: A Study of the Clusters of Conflict, (with Stephen R. Saunders). Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen (2009).

"Revisiting Downs's Issue-Attention Cycle: International Terrorism and U.S. Public Opinion."; Journal of Strategic Security Vol. 2, No. 4, 1-16 (Nov/Dec 2009).


"Multiparty Disputes and the Probability of War, 1816-1992."; (with John Vasquez, and Yijia Wang). Conflict Management and Peace Science 21(2): 85-100 (Summer 2004). Re-printed in The Causes of International Conflict: Data, Methods and Theory. Glenn Palmer, ed. (2009) Taylor and Francis. 
Replication Files (includes all data (in STATA format) as well as the replication instructions.)

"There is more to the Story than 'Us-Versus-Them': Expanding the Study of Interstate Conflict and Regime Type beyond a Dichotomy."; Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy Vol. 14, Issue 1 (2008).
Replication Files (includes all data (in STATA format) as well as the STATA .do file.)

"A Research Note: Re-examining Transnational Ethnic Alliances and Foreign Policy Behavior."; International Interactions, 30:1, 25-42 (Winter 2004).
Replication Files (includes all data (in STATA format) as well as the replication instructions.

"Neutrality, Common Foreign and Security Policy, and the Fourth Pillar of the European Union."; International Affairs Forum (15 August 2004).
Replication Files Not Applicable

Working Papers

I do not make working papers available on-line; however, I will provide information and/or copies of papers to individuals who submit a request via email. For more information about my work in progress, please see my vita.

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