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College of Liberal Arts Advising

You will need to know your MTSU email address and M# in order to schedule an appointment.

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The College of Liberal Arts realizes that competent and caring advisors are an essential part of a college student's academic success. We encourage you to find your advisor and meet with him or her regularly. This will not only help your academic progress but can provide you valuable insight on careers or further educational opportunities.

We have designed this page so that students, faculty, and staff have advising information and links to resources in a centralized location. We hope that you use these resources along with regular visits with your advisor.

If you have declared a major, please contact the department secretary and ask to be assigned an advisor. For more information on declaring a major please click here.

If you cannot reach your advisor, are a new student, or if you want to change your major, please contact one of the College Academic Advisors. To make sure that all your forms have been completed for graduation please contact our Graduation Coordinator. For information on careers, help preparing your resume, or practice for interviews please contact the Career Coordinator.

New Transfer Students and Academic Focus Students: 

Please contact Lucy Langworthy or Sonja Burk.

Graduation Coordinator

Kathy Jones, Graduation Coordinator    
Office:  Jones Hall 163
Phone:  615-898-2602
E-mail:  Kathy.jones@mtsu.edu

Graduation Coach

Peggy Slater, Graduation Coach       
Office:  Jones Hall 161
Phone:  615-898-2787
E-mail:  Peggy.slater@mtsu.edu 

Advising Manager

Dr. Lucy Langworthy, Advising Manager
Office:  Jones Hall 151
Phones 615-494-7785
E-mail:  Lucy.langworthy@mtsu.edu

Advisor, Music

Brad Baumgardner, Advisor
Office:  Jones Hall 113
Phone:  615-494-7649
E-mail:  Brad.Baumgardner@mtsu.edu

Advisor - Art and Sociology/Anthropology

Sonja Burk, Advisor
Art:  N-Z
Sociology/Anthropology:  M-Z          
Office:  Jones Hall 114
Phone:  615-898-5089
E-mail:  Sonja.Burk@mtsu.edu

Advisor, FL&L, GS and PS

JaNet Davis, Advisor
Foreign Language & Literatures:  A-K
Global Studies & Cultural Geography: A-M
Political Science & Int'l Relations: A-J
Office:  Jones Hall 117
Phone:  615-494-7651
E-mail:  JaNet.Davis@mtsu.edu

Advisor - ORCO, S&T, and Philosophy

Dr. Marion Davis, Advisor
Organization Comm & Comm Studies: A-K
Philosophy:  A-K
Speech & Theatre:  A-L
Office:  Jones Hall 115
Phone:  615-494-7648
E-mail:  Marion.Davis@mtsu.edu

Advisor - English and History

Matthew Hibdon, Advisor
English:  L-Z
History:  N-Z
Office:  Jones Hall 159
Phone:  615-494-7826
E-mail:  Matthew.Hibdon@mtsu.edu

Advisor -  ORCO, Philosophy and S&T

Jeanne Hoechst, Advisor
Organization Comm & Comm Studies:  L-Z
Philosophy:  L-Z
Speech & Theatre:  M-Z
Office:  Jones Hall 155
Phone:  615-904-8180
E-mail:  Jeanne.Hoechst@mtsu.edu

Advisor - Art and Sociology/Anthropology

Mallory Melton, Advisor
Art:  A-M
Sociology/Anthropology:  A-L
Office:  Jones Hall 112
Phone:  615-494-7662
E-mail:  Mallory.Melton@mtsu.edu

Advisor - English and History

Laura Mewbourn, Advisor
English:  A-K
History:  A-M
Office:  Jones Hall 119
Phone:  615-494-7652
E-mail:  Laura.Mewbourn@mtsu.edu

Advisor - FL&L, GS &CG and PS

Yuchun Schmidt, Advisor
Foreign Language & Literatures: L-Z
Global Studies & Cultural Geography: N-Z
Political Science & Int'l Relation:  K-Z
Office:  Jones Hall 108
Phone:  615-494-7753
E-mail:  Yuchun.Schmidt@mtsu.edu