Transferring to MTSU College of Liberal Arts

Transferring to a new school can be stressful and confusing. The College of Liberal Arts has dedicated advisors that want to make this transition as smooth as possible. We encourage all new transfer students to meet with one of the College Academic Advisors in addition to meeting with their faculty advisor. The College Advisors can help evaluate transcripts and complete course substitutions if needed.

For general information on transferring to MTSU please visit the Office of Transfer Student Services.

The first step for newly admitted students is to complete the online Transfer Student Orientation. In the process of completing this online orientation you will have the opportunity to schedule an appointment to meet with a college advisor. At your appointment the college advisor will review your transcripts and show you what courses will fulfill MTSU's graduation requirements. If a course does not fulfill a general education, major, or minor requirement then it will most likely be used as an elective. In general most majors require a certain number of electives in order to reach the 120 hours required for graduation. After meeting with an advisor you will be able to register for the upcoming semester. Please remember that all holds must be removed before registration, you can review your Pipeline account to view holds and registration times. 

Click here for an online guide to how classes at your current or former school are transferred to Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU).

Click here for a list of General Education courses for TBR students.

Click here for more information about the Tennessee Transfer Pathways.