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If you are exploring a new teaching method -- an "active learning" lecture format; a course re-design from face-to-face to online; a revamp of your syllabus-- you might want to consider taking a tutorial for that task. Many of the sites below provide excellent and substantial tutorials and course modules free of charge!(Although more and more of these sites are changing their status to fee-based because of the rising interest in online teaching in particular.)

Increasing numbers of college-affiliated programs also offer teaching skills courses both online and on site -- for a fee. Contact the center if you are considering enrolling in the latter.

Many of these modules are also cross referenced by topic within the teaching resources directory.

Excellent Online Modules & Tutorials on College Teaching -- FREE!

University of Minnesota Teaching & Learning Center: Ten tutorials, most with a video component, on a variety of important teaching and learning topics: Active Learning w/Powerpoint; Designing Smart Lectures; Savvy Web Searching: Helping Students Search Electronically; Making Active Learning Work; Managing Conflict; Syllabus Development; Write Your Teaching Philosophy Step by Step; Cooperative Quizzes--Making Group Assessment Work; Incorporating Global Perspectives into Your Course. These are excellent tutorials and appropriate for all college teachers.

Eberly Center for Teaching & Learning, Carnegie Mellon, has one of the most resourceful academic sites on the web. Tutorials on course design, assessment, specific teaching problems are brilliant.

Depaul University's Teaching Commons is another brilliant site with excellent step-by-step guidelines for course development, designing activities and assessments, writing a syllabus, engaging students and more!

San Francisco State University offers tutorials/course modules on design, learning objectives, activities, assessment, teaching statements....

Michigan State University's teaching center
is in the midst of reviewing and selecting online instructional programs on teaching skills and pedagogical approaches. They also list instructional programs designed for a range of disciplines!

Illinois Online Network focuses on improving online instruction:course design, creating active online classes, etc. These are only a couple of the free tutorials and powerpoint presentations on this web site. Also offers fee-based courses.

Getting Results--A Professional Development Program for College Educators
i s a multimedia resource that challenges educators to rethink their views on effective classroom practice. A key theme of this program encourages teachers to focus on what students will do and take responsibility for their success.

University of Arizona Teaching Center offers instructional support modules on significant teaching and learning topics.

Virtual Source for Teaching with Technology:

Module 1 provides resources for use in the selection of appropriate media to accomplish specific learning objectives.

Module 2 provides resources for faculty using technology in research assignments, small group projects, and discussions to encourage activity.

The Carnegie Commons hosts the Teaching and Learning Commons, an intellectual community space provided to enrich and encourage exchange of knowledge about teaching and learning.

Fee-Based Courses & Certificate Programs on Teaching Development
Contact the center if you are interested in enrolling in a fee-based program.

Online Instructor Certification Series. This set of three workshop series is designed for faculty who are developing or delivering completed web-based courses. After successfully completing the thee series, faculty will be certified by the Office of Instructional Technology as an Online Instructor. Stephen F. Austin State University. http://www.oit.sfasu.edu/facdev/certprogs.html

New Mexico State University. Graduate certificate in online teaching and learning for professionals in business, government, education, or other settings who want to develop their knowledge and skills in online education. The 5 three-credit course sequence provides an intense immersion in a dynamic online environment and culminates in an online teaching practicum. http://extended.nmsu.edu/academics/otl/index.html

Critical Thinking Online Course helps educators learn the foundations of critical thinking while incorporating them into your class.

The Consortium Certificate in College Teaching is grounded in the latest educational research of best practices in college teaching, and is designed to enhance the teaching and learning experiences for faculty and students at our member institutions. The program is made possible in part by a generous gift from the George I. Alden Trust.

Magna Online Seminars is a presentation, conference or workshop that is delivered entirely over the Internet. No telephone connection is needed. Topics range from teaching/learning issues to administrative issues. Associated with the Teaching Professor.

Best Teacher's Institute, run by Ken Bain, offers an annual weeklong workshop in NYC.

Quality Matters (QM) is a faculty-centered, peer review process designed to certify the quality of online courses and online components.

OnCourse offers workshops to show teachers how to improve the success of their students. The purpose of the On Courses I Workshop is to provide educators with 1) learner-centered structures for helping students learn more deeply and 2) innovative strategies for empowering students to become active, responsible learners who can thrive an a learner-centered environment.

E-Learning and Online Teaching Certificate There are 4 courses and a practicum to complete to obtain e-learning certification and all courses can be attended online. This program is at University of Wisconsin-Stout.

The ION Master Online Teaching Certificate Program certifies faculty, staff, and administrators who achieve a measurable level of knowledge related to online course design, online instruction, and other issues related to online teaching and learning. University of Illinois. These courses can also be taken online.

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