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Statistics report that between 3 and 10% of college students report having physical or learning disabilities that require some kind of special classroom accommodation. There are several general strategies that will help in accommodating students with disabilities in your class. First, ask students to clarify any special needs. This question can be posed in the syllabus or orally during the first class. Offer to meet with students privately to discuss any special needs they may have. Second, remember that disabled students are not defined by their disability, and are always students first and foremost. Third, be flexible about attendance and promptness. Fourth, be sensitive to disabilities that are not visually apparent such as learning disabilities or sensory deficits. Finally, consult your campus disabled student services program for advice or with any questions you may have (Davis, B.G. Tools for Teaching).

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MTSU Disabled Student Services
MTSU Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Office

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Online Resources: Tips and Strategies
Disability Studies for Teachers --lesson plans for incorporating DS into a range of courses.
Society for Disability Studies
AccessIt promotes the use of electronic & information technology for students and employees with disabilities at all academic levels. Site includes a knowledge base on the topic.
Universal Design of Instruction principles for planning inclusive courses

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