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First Day of Class


An important function of the first day is to establish the structure for your course, to "present the classroom situation clearly, so that students know what you are like and what you expect. Students typically want to know what the course is all about and how you, the teacher, conduct the course and interact with them" (McKeachie's Teaching Tips, 12th ed,.McKeachie & Svinicki, 2006) During the first course meeting, strive to set the stage by arranging seats, writing your name

The center has a range of books that offer tips for the first day. See LTITC Resources.

LTITC Resources:

Available for checkout from our library:

Lang, James M.(2008). On Course: A Week-by-Week Guide to Your First Semester of College Teaching. Harvard University Press.

Lieberg, Carolyn (2008). Teaching Your First College Class. Stylus.

Online Resources:

Quick Before It Dries: Setting the Pattern for Active Learning from Day One 

Questionnaire for the First Day of Class--a pdf from the Sheridan Center, Brown University.

Syllabus Questionnaire (to be returned in 2nd class)--a pdf, Sheridan Center, Brown U