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Learning-L Listserv
The Center uses its Learning-L listserv to inform subscribers about faculty development opportunities on campus and off, to keep them up-to-date on the latest research and practices for teaching and learning, and to deliver news about innovative web sites and academic communities relevant to a range of disciplines and interests.

Last year, Learning-L subscribers received--

14 calls to publish

over 20 invitations for workshops & events

8 teaching tips

over 15 announcements about internships, grant opportunities, conferences, etc.

The staff in the center focuses on uncovering important information, news, research, and opportunities that busy faculty easily overlook. Check our LT&ITC NetVibe and our Delicious tags for the latest information.

Benefits for Learning-L Subscribers!

  • Subscribers sign up first for all events and workshops offered by the Center.
  • Subscribers are often the first to know about opportunities to publish, internships on campus, grants, conferences, etc.
  • Subscribers are kept current on new research and practices in teaching and learning, innovative web sites, new publications in our library.

And don't worry!

Our subscribers are never flooded with useless email. Join our listserv today.