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Learning-L Teaching Tips 2009-10

Our web site is full of teaching tips and up-to-date information on useful and nnovative teaching resources and tools. We also provide tips on ancillary sites we are piloting, such as LT&ITC delicious bookmarks and LTITC NetVibes. Below are tips we have issued for the 2009-2010 academic year.

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5 Ways to Get Students to Read

7 Tips for Creating a Positive Online Experience

Dealing with Uncivil Behavior in Large Classes

Encouraging Student Participation in Large Classes

Face-to-Face Discussion Techniques
More Resources: discussion , discussion tips

Facilitating an Online EXP

Mid-Semester Evaluations
More Resources: Assessment, CATs

Online Discussion Techniques
More Resources:
online discussion strategies

Using Video in the Classroom
More Resources: Videos Resources & Techniques

Web 2.0: Using Wikis for Collaboration

More Resources: collaboration, wikis,
online teaching

Wrapping up a Course
More resources: teaching tips for last day teaching