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Ethical Guidelines

The Learning, Teaching, & Innovative Technologies Center provides an important service to the university, offering faculty members support and resources to further their professional development and to enhance their teaching skills, all to ensure that students receive a quality education at MTSU. For any teaching center to be successful, it must operate in a zone of discretion and confidentiality so that faculty trust the center as supportive, not evaluative. Without that trust, a center cannot achieve the spirit of community required to fulfill its mission. Therefore, the staff and associated faculty committees making up this Center, in their roles as educational developers, ascribe to the ethical guidelines of the Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education (POD), a document augmenting the code of privacy & ethics already in place for MTSU employees.

The ethical guidelines that POD prescribes contain ideals that inform the practice of educational developers in such areas of professional behavior as:

  • Providing responsible service to faculty

  • Demonstrating competence and integrity

  • Assuring that the rights of others are respected

  • Maintaining the confidentiality of any information

  • Demonstrating competence and integrity

  • Maintaining the confidentiality of any information regardingcontact with faculty

  • Fulfilling responsibilities to the profession of education as a whole

Complete statement from POD - Ethical Guidelines for Educational Developers