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I believe there is a big difference between seeing an opportunity and seizing an opportunity for professional growth. I seized an opportunity by inviting Dr. Tim Graeff as my mentor to assist me in bringing out my very best teaching skills. On my initial visit with Tim, I was handed a book that contained excellent information about effective teaching practices and research. Over the year, Tim observed my class five times and debriefed me after each observation. Not only did I get a detailed descriptive report about my teaching from Tim, but I also received a wealth of information during our debriefing sessions.

Tim has helped me reframe and refine my pedagogical practice in new ways, suggesting such tools as a learning log for recording my use of certain strategies and outcomes. Overall, my mentoring experience ca be best described as "thought provoking, insightful, professional, and fun! When it ended, I was reminded about the question Mosley raises: "Why be afraid of something we want?" I wanted to be the best teacher I could be. What are you waiting for? GET A MENTOR...you'll love the experience just as I have.

The mentoring program is a great opportunity to be trained by a seasoned professor that has been nationally recognized and awarded for exceptional teaching. The mentor patiently provided instruction and supervision in all aspects of pedagogy, building confidence in basic teaching skills and interpersonal connections with students. My teaching skills have improved considerably since working with the Mentoring Program. It was a delightful experience and answered many questions I had as a new assistant professor.

The Good Mentor

  • Empathetic, Objective, Nonjudgmental, Altruistic

  • Committed to the role of mentorship.

  • Skilled at providing instructional support.

  • Effective in a range of interpersonal contexts.

  • Models the continuous learner.

  • Communicates hope and optimism.

From James B. Rowley, The Good Mentor.