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Course Portfolio Web site, Peer Review of Teaching Project " This web site is designed to serve as an international repository for course portfolios written by faculty who teach at post-secondary institutions. It provides faculty with a structured and practical model that combines inquiry into the intellectual work of a course, careful investigation of student understanding and performance, and faculty reflection on teaching effectiveness. Begun in 1994, the PRTP has engaged hundreds of faculty members from numerous universities. In 2005, the project was awarded a TIAA-CREF Theodore M. Hesburgh Award Certificate of Excellence in recognition of it being an exceptional faculty development program designed to enhance undergraduate student achievement. Here is an excellent example of an instructor's course portfolio for a composition course, including comments on it from her peers.


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Visible Knowledge Project " from Georgetown University aims to improve the quality of college and university teaching by focusing on both student learning and faculty development in technology-enhanced environments."

.. .It is an assumption of the Project that very few faculty are, by training, prepared to undertake the scholarship of teaching, and that most faculty need some direction in acquiring a range of appropriate and useful conceptual and research tools.

Faculty also need to develop a sense of community around questions of learning comparable to the kinds of intellectual communities intrinsic to traditional scholarship. The early stages of the Project provide support systems for both by fostering the creation of �faculty study groups�... to help a core of faculty investigators develop the necessary background and to engage in reflection on their own practice.
Visible Knowledge Project

Levine, Laura, et al. �Teaching Ourselves: A Model to Improve, Assess, and Spread the Word.� International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 1.2 (2007). (Also at http://www.georgiasouthern.edu/ijsotl ) The authors present a modest and workable plan for a small group of faculty who want to carry out an SoTL project together. This is useful for those wanting to get started in SoTL and to build collegiality through collaboration about teaching and learning.

FACET is home to the Indiana University Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching and is an ongoing initiative to �promote and sustain teaching excellence� at IU as well as to promote �inquiry and engagement in teaching and learning� through colloquia and publications. It contains useful resources as well as a helpful picture of an excellent and well-established SoTL program.

The University of Wisconsin SoTL site is designed to support and encourage research on teaching and learning.� The sire is useful for getting started with SoTL research and includes several FAQs and links to numerous SoTL web resources. Particularly helpful are the numerous SoTL articles and links to hundreds of potential publication outlets for SoTL research

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