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Advertising: All University advertising, except for job postings, must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Creative and Visual Services (Marketing and Communications) before it is purchased (Procurement Services Policy IV: 06:01). Please contact Kara Hooper at (615) 898-2896 or Kara.Hooper@mtsu.edu before placing advertising in any media, including but not limited to newspapers, magazines, television, radio, outdoor, theater, signage and advertising sponsorships. CVS, along with the Office of Academic Marketing and other elements of our division, will work with you to plan advertising strategies and ensure proper value in our media buys. We would like at least four weeks’ notice, but we can speed the review for emergency situations. 

Logo Use: We are often asked for MTSU wordmark and logo files. We are happy to work with you to make sure that your project is within University standards and is suitable for your goal. The Office of Creative and Visual Services (Marketing and Communications) must review and approve all commercial use of the university’s wordmark and logos. For more information, contact Kara Hooper at (615) 898-2896 or Kara.Hooper@mtsu.edu. Our Logo Guide can be found here

Pre-publication Review: We’re required by the Tennessee Board of Regents to officially number and keep track of University publications, but our mission is much more than that. Focusing on students and the academic goals of MTSU, we strive to present the University accurately and favorably to the world. We do this while working to meet the specific creative and visual needs of student groups, faculty, University administrators, and all the departments, schools, and colleges at MTSU.  For more information, contact Kara Hooper at (615) 898-2896 or Kara.Hooper@mtsu.edu

MTSU Partner School Program

Be a member of the Partner School Program!

Do you want to connect with a high school student, work with them on study skills, discuss college life, and serve as a mentor for someone considering going to college?

Then you should volunteer to mentor students at one of MTSU's partner schools in Nashville.

As a volunteer in the MTSU Partnership Program you will work with students in the AVID program which stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination, which is designed for students in the academic middle who have the desire to graduate and go to college. This is a great way to increase your communications skills and build your resume for the future.

MTSU is seeking volunteers for its AVID Partnership Program in the three schools listed below.

  • Antioch High School East Literature Magnet School
  • Glencliff High School Overton High School

Please contact Doug Williams (doug.williams@mtsu.edu or 494-7800) if you want more information or to apply.

Overton High School

East Literature Magnet School

Antioch High School

Glencliff High School