I'm one! Clean Campus Crew

I'm Chase Cribbs, a freshman chemistry major from Sante Fe, Tennessee, and I'm One! I'm a member of the Clean Campus Crew.

As part of the Tennessee's Best program The Clean Campus Crew students will walk selected areas on campus helping to pick up litter and removing signage that is posted on lampposts, trees and other areas not approved for signage. We were selected for the team when we responded to a request from the Financial Aid office asking students who had work-study scholarships if they wanted to be part of the Clean Campus Crew. I joined the program in order to brag to my friends. I have a lot of friends going to other schools and I want to be able to tell and show them how much better my campus looks that theirs. Oh, and that my football team will beat theirs!

I'll be very competitive on my route, as well. If I see that another member of the Crew's area is looking better than mine, I will work even harder. And I hope when others see me on campus they will think, 'hey it's hot out. Let's go help him.' Then we will all being doing our part to make MTSU's campus the most beautiful in the state.

I hope to see you out there! Join our efforts to help keep MTSU's campus clean. You can be one, too—an honorary member of the Clean Campus Crew!