I'm one! Clean Campus Crew

Hi, I'm Brooke Hazen, junior vocal performance major, and I'm One! I'm a member of the Clean Campus Crew.

As part of the Tennessee's Best program The Clean Campus Crew students will walk selected areas on campus helping to pick up litter and removing signage that is posted on lampposts, trees and other areas not approved for signage. We were selected for the team when we responded to a request from the Financial Aid office asking students who had work-study scholarships if they wanted to be part of the Clean Campus Crew. I can't think of anything better to do than to help keep our beautiful campus looking that way. So I chose to use my five hours a week on the Clean Campus Crew.

I am really glad the University decided to use student leaders to staff this program. We'll be out on campus picking up litter and just keeping everything looking nice. We will not only maintain a certain standard of cleanliness, but also help get the word out to other students, the faculty, and staff. As we do our jobs, we will be able to set an example. I think it is great that we will be out there doing this job. We are the ones who use campus, so we should have a hand in keeping it looking great. I really hope that others on campus will take our lead and help keep campus clean.

I hope to see you out there! Join our efforts to help keep MTSU's campus clean. You can be one, too—an honorary member of the Clean Campus Crew!