• Recording Industry
    Hands-on experience
    is part of being at MTSU
  • Recording Industry
    Students are guided by
    Grammy-winner Professor John Hill
  • Recording Industry
    Songwriter and pianist, Joseph Akins brings his creative expertise to teaching
  • Recording Industry
    Helping with the PBS special "Pa's Fiddle" provided real-world experience

Studio F / Cinema Mix

Studio F is the Recording Industry Department's newest studio. It is designed for cinema style mixing for picture. The facility serves as a large classroom and mix facility for Recording Industry classes in Sound for Picture, Soundtrack Design, Computer Based Scoring for Visual Media, and others. The room is also used at the end of each semester for the department's 'Listening Night', a long-standing tradition showcasing the best student work of the semester.

Mixing System

32 Fader Digidesign D-command.

Monitor Systems

JBL 5.1 large format Main Monitors, Genelec near-field stereo monitors.

DAW/MIDI Software

Pro Tools and Digital Performer. Plug-ins include: Antares Autotune, SynchroArts Vocalign, Focusrite D2 Red EQ, Digidesign Sound Replacer, Line 6 Amp Farm, McDSP Emerald Pack and Retro Pack, Melodyne, Waves gold bundle.

DAW/MIDI Hardware

2.6Ghz Octocore Mac Pro and Digidesign HD2-Accel.


Huge state-of-the-art, cinema style, acoustically transparent projection screen.