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Administrative Staff

Administrative Faculty & Staff

Ken Paulson - Dean
Tel: 615/898.5872
Office: Mass Comm 247, ken.paulson@mtsu.edu

Dr. Zeny Sarabia-Panol - Associate Dean
Tel: 615/898.2695
Office: Mass Comm 247, zeny.panol@mtsu.edu

Billy Pittard - Chair, Department of Electronic Media Communication
Tel: 615/898.5867
Office: Mass Comm 250, billy.pittard@mtsu.edu

Beverly Keel -  Chair, Department of Recording Industry
Tel: 615/898-5150
Office: MassComm 251, Beverly.Keel@mtsu.edu

Dr. Dwight Brooks - Director, School of Journalism
Tel: 615/898.2141
Office: Mass Comm 249, dwight.brooks@mtsu.edu

Dr. Dale Cockrell - Director, Center for Popular Music
Tel: 615/898.2453
Office: Mass Comm 140, cockrell@mtsu.edu

Kippy Todd - Director of Development
Tel: 615/898.5756
Office: Mass Comm 247, kiplynn.todd@mtsu.edu

Lisa McCann - Executive Secretary
Tel: 615/898.5872
Office: Mass Comm 247, lisa.mccann@mtsu.edu

Executive Aide
Tel: 615/898.5171
Office: Mass Comm 247

Hattie Traylor - Academic Advisor (EMC & Journalism)
Tel: 615/898.5668
Office: Mass Comm 238A, hattie.traylor@mtsu.edu

Olivia Young - Academic Advisor (Recording Industry)
Tel: 615/898.5945
Office: Mass Comm 238B, olivia.young@mtsu.edu

Janet Billingsley - College of Mass Comm Graduation Coordinator
Tel: 615/898.2159 
Office: Mass Comm 130, janet.billingsley@mtsu.edu

Angela Golden - Specialist, College of Mass Communication

Information Technology Division
Tel: 615.904.8071
Office: Ezell 117A, angela.golden@mtsu.edu

Department Information

School Of Journalism
Tel: 615/898.2814
Office: Mass Comm 249, tonya.dowd@mtsu.edu

Electronic Media Communication
Tel: 615/898.5628
Office: Mass Comm 250, irma.melton@mtsu.edu

Department of Recording Industry
Tel: 615/898.2578
Office: Mass Comm 251, dana.potter@mtsu.edu

Graduate Studies - MS
Tel: 615/898.5874
Office: Mass Comm 302, holly.deweese@mtsu.edu (Interim Secretary)

Graduate Studies - MFA
Tel: 615/898.5874
Office: Mass Comm 302, soundmfa@mtsu.edu

College Information

Office of the Dean
Bragg Mass Communication Building Room 247
Tel: 615/898.5171, Fax: 615/898.5682

Mailing Address:
College of Mass Communication
MTSU Box 51
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

Seigenthaler Chair of Excellence
Tel: 615/898.5150
Office: Mass Comm 231B, 

Office of Communication Research

Tel: 615/898.2226
Office: Mass Comm 224, ken.blake@mtsu.edu

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