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Dr. Terrance Quinn

Dr. Terrance QuinnDr. Quinn's Ph.D. (1992) was in C*-algebras, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada. Part of his doctoral work also was at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Quinn then did three years of postdoctoral work in Ireland, first at Trinity College Dublin, the School of Mathematics (1992-1993), and then at the School of Mathematical Sciences, University College Cork, National University of Ireland (1993-1995). Before to coming to Middle Tennessee State University, Quinn held positions at Texas A&M International University (1995-2000) and Ohio University Southern (2001-2006). Quinn has been a Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Middle Tennessee State University since August 2006. He served as Chair, August 2006-May 2009. His post-doctoral research was in operator algebras. He also has publications in applications of Lie groups to differential equations; mathematical modeling for certain areas of medical research; some computational results in DNA studies; and publications on pedagogy in mathematics. He has had on ongoing interest in the foundations of the mathematical sciences, an area which now is his main focus in his continuing scholarship. For more details, please see Quinn's Personal webpage.

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