Students majoring within the College of Media and Entertainment must meet certain candidacy requirements prior to being fully accepted into their major concentration. Your college advisor will assist you in applying for candidacy when the time is right.

Department of Media Arts (formerly Electronic Media Communication)

The department of Media Arts requires that majors meet the requirements for candidacy to be formally accepted into the programs' upper division courses.  Pre-candidacy courses are different for each program. The five programs in the Department of Media Arts are: Video and Film Production, Animation,  Interactive Media (formerly New Media), Photography, and Media Management. Students should meet with their assigned advisor to determine their specific pre-candidacy requirements. Candidacy requirements are also published in the University’s Undergraduate Catalog. Be sure to refer to the proper catalog year for your specific requirements. If you are not sure which catalog year you are using, ask your academic advisor. Be aware that different year’s catalogs may have differing requirements.

Media Arts majors (with the exception of Animation majors) must complete a total of 45 credit hours, have grades of C (2.00) or higher in the required pre-candidacy classes, and have an overall GPA in all College of Media and Entertainment courses of 2.5 or higher. 

Animation majors must complete a total of 45 credit hours, have grades of C (2.00) or higher in the required pre-candidacy classes, and have an overall GPA in pre-candidacy and math courses of 2.5 or higher.  Also, a portfolio review and candidacy score is determined for candidacy. Candidacy will be granted to students with a score of 90 or higher. A limited number of additional students may be admitted each semester based upon candidacy admissions score and available resources.

Department of Recording Industry

Candidacy in the Department of Recording Industry is a competitive process due to the popularity of this program. Each semester, a select number of students is admitted into Audio Production, Music Business, and Commercial Songwriting.

Admission is based on a score each student receives from the candidacy formula below.  Students are required to have completed all high school deficiencies, all developmental studies requirements, 24 credit hours and be a student in good standing. Try to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA (3.3 for Audio Production), and grades of A’s and B’s in the pre-candidacy classes. Guaranteed candidacy will be granted to students with a score of 22.5 or higher for Audio Production & 35.5 for Music Business & Commercial Songwriting

Audio Production Candidacy Formula Score = (Inclusive GPA x 2) + RIM 3010 + RIM 2300 + RIM 3600 + Math + (total hours x .05 up to 60 hours)

Music Business and Commercial Songwriting Candidacy Formula Score: (cum GPA x 3) + (math grade x 3) + (core RIM GPA x 4) + (total hrs earned x .05)

Approximately 50 students in Audio Production, 20 students in Commercial Songwriting, and 60 students in Music Business are accepted each semester, ranked by the formula scores.

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