Step #5 - Additional Helpful Information

There are many resources available to help MTSU students, but often they are not utilized because students are unaware they exist. The following provide valuable resource links to some of those resources.


For on-campus housing, please contact the MTSU Housing Office
For off-campus housing, please checkout MTSU Off-Campus Housing

MTSU Identification Card

Your MTSU student identification card will gain you access to sporting events, activities and other services around campus. Not to mention discounts at local store around Murfreesboro. Please visit the MTSU Identification Office to obtain your ID card.

Parking Premit

Upon payment of all registration fees which covers your parking pass, students are eligible to receive a green parking permit.

To register for your parking permit log-in to your PipelineMT account using your user name and password, click on RaiderNet, click on Student, choose the registration option and scroll down to the bottom and click on Parking Permit Registration. Once you have registered online bring a photo identification to our office to pick up your permit. Everyone must pick up their own parking permit.

Parking and Transportation Services is located at 1403 East Main Street. Our regular office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Withdrawal Office

To withdrawal from registered classes, please the University College Advising Center at (615) 898-2339.

Academic Assistance

For questions or help regarding your classes, please contact the University College Advising Center at (615) 898-2339.

Off-Campus / Adult Learner Resources

MTSU Adult Student Services

Choosing Your Degree/Career Path



On Campus Student Employment

Student Services


Getting Involved