Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find the deadlines for admission applications? Our deadlines are the same as those of the College Graduate Studies. These dates, along with other information concerning graduate studies, can be found by going to:
If I do not score a 900 on the GRE test, can I still be admitted to the MS-PS program? Actuarial Sciences, Biostatistics and Biotechnology concentrations: You must achieve the score of 900 in order to be admitted unconditionally. However, if you do not score a 900 you may still be admitted to the program with a conditional status.

Health Care Informatics concentration: This concentration does not have a GRE requirement.
If I score low on the GRE, should I retake it? This does not mean that you will not be admitted if you score low; you might be conditionally admitted. Always talk to your MS-PS coordinator before deciding to retake the test.
I took my GRE years ago. Is it still acceptable? GRE scores are only retrievable for 5 years.
Is the general GRE test the one that is taken for the MS-PS program, or is there a specific test taken for the different concentrations? The general GRE is the test that is required. The overall score combines the verbal and quantitative section scores.
Will I be able to take classes before I have all of my admission materials turned into the College of Graduate Studies? Yes, you may take up to nine credit hours before all of your admission materials have been received.
I applied last semester but did not attend. What do I need to do? You will need to re-apply. You will not have to pay the application fee again; simply fill out the application and submit it so that your name will be updated into the system.
Can I take either the MAT or the GMAT instead of the GRE? No, the GRE is the only test that will meet the test requirement for the MS-PS program.
I have been purged from my classes. What do I do? You will be purged from your classes if you have not paid your tuition by the fee payment deadline. Make sure you are aware of the date fees are to be paid when you register for your classes. In most cases, you may register again a few days later; however, there may be a late fee charged if you are past the last day of registration.

Permission of the Department (POD's):

Who should I contact if I need a POD for a class that I would like to take? The POD form is located on the MS-PS web site under forms. Fill out the form with the information for the class that you would like to take and forward it to the coordinator of your concentration (either by e-mail or hard copy). The coordinator will then forward it to the MS-PS office for the POD to be entered. You may sign up for the class only after the POD has been entered.

Graduate Assistantships (GA):

Are there any assistantships available to students applying to the MS-PS program? There are a limited number of GA positions available. Graduate Assistantships provide a monthly stipend and a waiver for tuition. Out-of-state residents also receive a waiver of out-of-state fees.
How can I be considered for a GA position? A GA must be enrolled in a graduate degree program, which means he or she has completed all graduate admissions procedures and has been approved unconditionally. After obtaining a GA position, you must maintain a 3.00 GPA.
How do I apply? You may fill out the application and send a copy to the College of Graduate Studies and the MS-PS office. You may also apply in other departments on campus.

Advancement to Candidacy:

When should I fill out a candidacy form? The Advancement to Candidacy Form should be filled out prior to the completion of 24 credit hours. In order to fill it out completely, you must list all courses taken and those that you are planning to take to complete your degree. This form must be signed by your coordinator before it is taken to the College of Graduate Studies.


Will I have to write a thesis to obtain an MS-PS degree? No, the internship takes the place of writing a thesis. You will be obtaining "real world"; working experience instead of writing the thesis.
Can the internship be completed at any point during my graduate career? No, the internship is to be done after you have completed most of your classes. You will have gained more knowledge and skills to apply to the projects that will be carried out during the internship.
Who will secure the internship? Ideally, you will have in mind a place in which you would like to pursue an internship; however, your coordinator will also have some placement possibilities secured. The internship location and projects must be approved by your coordinator.
Will the internship be a paid position? Ideally, the internship will be a paid position, but that is entirely up to the employer.
May I complete an internship at the place I am now employed? You may complete your internship at the place you are now employed if it is approved by your coordinator and employer. There will have to be additional duties or projects assigned to your existing position, or an entirely different position within the same company.


May I repeat a course? A graduate student may repeat graduate courses in which a grade lower than B- was earned. A maximum of two courses, not to exceed eight credits combined, may be repeated for a grade chance. Refer to the Academic Regulations section of the graduate catalog for full details.
How many hours is considered full time for a graduate student? Full time: 9 graduate hours
Three-quarter time: 7 graduate hours
One-half time: 5 graduate hours

Full time for a GA is 6 credit hours
If I need to withdraw from the MS-PS program, what do I need to do?
  1. Write a letter to the College of Graduate Studies addressing the reason(s) as to why you are withdrawing. This is to be documented in your student file.
  2. Withdraw on pipeline. If it is after the date to withdraw with a "W";, you will also have to contact Becky Garrett in the Withdraw office at 898-2808.
  3. When you return to MTSU, all that is required is to fill out the application form again to be reinstated in the system. You will not need to pay the fees again.
May I transfer hours taken at another college? Coursework transferred or accepted for credit toward a graduate degree must represent graduate coursework relevant to the degree, with course content and level of instruction resulting in student competencies. The transfer credit requires the recommendation of the graduate advisor and approval of the dean of the College of Graduate Studies.

Health Care Informatics:

Is Health Care Informatics (HCI) a nursing program? HCI is NOT a nursing program; however, you will take nursing classes along with business core classes and statistics classes added to the program.
Are any of the classes offered online? HCI courses are online courses that are taken through the Regents Online Degree Program (RODP). You will still have to attend traditional classes for the CORE part of the program.
Is the tuition fee the same for RODP classes? There is an additional fee for RODP tuition which may not be reimbursed by your company (check with your company if they are paying for your tuition).
Where do I purchase the books used in the RODP courses? The books used in the RODP courses are purchased through the RODP Virtual Bookstore and not through the MTSU bookstore.