Health Care Informatics Degree Requirements

36 hour Master's Program consisting of...

15 hours of Core Courses:

Course Description Time
ACTG 6100 Accounting & Legal Issues for Managers 3 hours
STAT 5140 Probabilistic & Statistical Reasoning 3 hours
BCEN 6820 Managerial Communication 3 hours
MGMT 6740 Leadership and Motivation 3 hours
BCEN 6910 Internship Program 3 hours

Plus 21 hours completed from Concentration Courses:

Course Description Time
NURS 6400 Introduction to the Clinical Healthcare Environment 2 hours
NURS 6401 Introduction to Healthcare Informatics 3 hours
NURS 6402 Health Care Information Systems and Technology Integration 3 hours
NURS 6403 Project Management in the Design and Analysis of Health Care Information Systems 3 hours
NURS 6404 Project Management in the Implementation & Evaluation of Health Care Information Systems 3 hours
NURS 6406 Health Care Data Analysis and Evidence-based Practice 3 hours
NURS 6407 Informatics Applications I 2 hours
NURS 6409 Informatics Applications II 2 hours

Suggested for Health Care Informatics Concentration:

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