MT Student Unions

KUC Columns - Banner Space Reservations

Banner space reservations made for the KUC columns must be professionally made and have metal grommets. A University account must be provided in order to get the banner hung. The organization will incur a cost from Facilities Services to hang and remove the banner. Banners to be hung on the columns must be turned into MT Unions staff no later than 5 business days prior to the first date of the reservation so that a work order can be placed with Facilities Services to provide the banner hanging service. Bungee cords are provided by MT Unions for the purpose of hanging banners. Banners that do not meet this criterion will not be hung. Please note: The banner hanging service provided by Facilities Services is weather dependant, so the banner may or may not be hung by the first day of the reservation. Banners must be no bigger than 12 ft. in length for the main column and 6 ft. for the side columns.