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Spencer Lambright

Dr. Spencer Lambright
Assistant Professor, Theory & Composition

Originally from Eugene, Oregon, Spencer Lambright currently teaches Composition, Music Theory, and History of Popular Music and Rock and Roll at Middle Tennessee State University. He began his composition studies at the University of Oregon with Robert Kyr. Further studies at the Yale School of Music, where he earned a Master of Music degree, were under Ezra Laderman and Joseph Schwantner. He completed his education at Cornell University under the tutelage of Steven Stucky and Roberto Sierra.
Lambright's music has been performed in the United States, Canada, and Russia by a growing number of ensembles, including the Blue Elm Trio, the Festival Chamber Orchestra in Ithaca, the Philharmonia Orchestra of Yale, and the Cornell University Chamber Orchestra.
In particular he is interested for writing music for modern dance. Recently, acclaimed Tennessee dancer/choreographer Kim Nofsinger took the work Creature of Habit featuring Lambright's music on tour throughout the Southeast. His ballet The Unsilvered Glass, inspired by the poetry of André Breton, was performed in 2002 by L'Ensemble Synapse, the Montréal-based chamber orchestra. Clever Mixture of Little Lies was commissioned by violinist Jeanine Wynton for a concert of American solo violin works performed in St. Petersburg, Russia.
In 2002 he was awarded the John James Blackmore Prize for excellence in composition. His scholarly work focuses on the music of Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho. Spencer Lambright's music has been described as "brilliantly striking" and "colorful and evocative" with textures that create a "persuasive and involving tapestry." He is a member of BMI and the IRCAM Research Forum.

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