Gina Poff
Director - New Student Orientation

Hi, I'm Gina Poff and I'm one of Tennessee's Best!

I direct the New Student Orientation Program—known on campus as CUSTOMS—work with the Parent Program including the Parent and Family Association, and plan Welcome Week events as part of my job. And I love it!

I began working at MTSU in 1991 in a professional capacity after working as a student while in college. As a student, I was able to see what the working environment for professionals was and I really liked it. I thought it would be a great place to start my career in higher education. I stay at MTSU because of the people I work with, the students, and the job I do.

The best part of my job is watching the students grow and feeling as if I have an impact on their lives. I work with students on a daily basis. Since my office oversees the CUSTOMS program, I get to meet almost all students as they start their college careers. It is great to see them when they are just starting out at MTSU and then work with many of them as they continue on their educational path. My interaction with students is awesome! I learn so much from them and hope they learn a few things from me.

The highlight of my career at MTSU has been watching some of my previous students enjoy what we do so much that they want to have the same career—and some even at MTSU. Students are able to really see what a career in higher education, in general, and student affairs, in particular, is all about. It is really encouraging when students choose to follow this path. Because someone on campus impacted their lives positively, they want to do the same for someone else.

MTSU's atmosphere is positive, energetic, and exciting. If I could tell an applicant anything about MTSU, I would tell him or her that most people here really care about you and are interested in you and how you grow. Just like the students with whom we work, we want to see our colleagues develop professionally. The better we get as individuals, the greater we can grow collectively.

MTSU is like no other school because we truly care and attend to our community members. From our students to the faculty and staff, we encourage and celebrate our "family"; members. One success is a success to all.

Come be one of Tennessee's Best at MTSU. Like me, you'll be glad you did!