Jessy Fine
Lenoir City, TN

Hi, I'm Jessy Fine and I'm one! I'm one of Tennessee's best and I want you to be one, too!

Attending Middle Tennessee State University was an easy decision for me. I have known I wanted to be a band director since my early high school years and there were four schools in the region that I seriously considered to pursue my dream. After doing in-depth research, I realized that MTSU has one of the best music programs in the state for my degree. Most people don't realize just how gifted the music faculty is here and how fortunate we are to be able to learn from so many working professionals. Most schools are lucky to have a select few outstanding teachers, but MTSU has an entire faculty of accomplished performers and educators.

Ironically, when I came to MTSU for my first visit, former music education professor, Dr. Nancy Boone, sat me down and said, "This may not be the place for you."; I was immediately impressed that they considered what was best for me first. This was the only place I visited where someone questioned my academic and extracurricular fit. She did not, as other educators at other schools had done, try to sell me outright. Instead, she encouraged me to look around and really see what was being offered. To ask questions, to talk with current students, to understand what it was going to mean to actually attend classes and participate on campus at MTSU. It was not a guaranteed that I would be successful. She told me that if I was not willing to do my best work and give it my all then MTSU was not the best environment for me. I appreciated her candor. And I obviously made the decision that I was willing to do whatever it took to be a successful Blue Raider.

I grew up in Lenoir City, Tennessee and graduated from Lenoir City High School in 2007. My goals were and are still pretty set - I want to go on to a master's program in music education and then earn a doctoral degree in education and leadership administration. In addition to being a music educator, I am also interested in education as a whole. Therefore, I have not ruled out being a principal or a superintendent one day. I really love music and teaching and this seems to be the perfect way to combine both passions. MTSU is certainly setting me on that path.

On campus, I am very involved. I'm a very social person so sitting in a classroom is just not an option for me. Fortunately, there are many different groups on campus and there really is something for everyone. I am a Student Ambassador, helping host official University events for the president and administration. I am in several different honors organizations including the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and Delta Omicron International Music Fraternity. I also work in the Admissions Office and give campus tours. One of the things I am most proud of is my association with the Band of Blue, the University marching band. I am a section leader and I could not be more proud to further my leadership skills using the opportunities provided to me by the MTSU School of Music.

When I first transferred to MTSU from Pellissippi State Technical Community College, the Band of Blue was a great way for me to get to know people and to learn more about MTSU. I hardly knew anyone in the music department and the dorms were all but deserted when I first came for band camp, but that all changed after a day or two. I got to know other students quickly and the atmosphere was very comfortable - making friends happens almost instantly. I was having so much fun and was so busy, I didn't even go home for three months.

It is also like that on campus. With having more than 25,000 students on campus, it certainly doesn't seem as if there are more than 100. Everything is close together and so well planned that we all live, work, and study together almost seamlessly. Every building is within walking distance from each other and there are no huge hills to climb! I can walk across campus and see at least 10 people I know.

Most of my classes are in the music building and I love that environment. Everyone knows you and you know everyone. It is like being a part of a huge family. I feel so comfortable being able to talk to my professors about anything, whether it is a personal problem or class work - you don't get that opportunity at every school. We are lucky that at MTSU our faculty not only teaches our classes, but also teaches the students and cares about our success.

I am very happy with my decision be one at MTSU. And I think you will be, too. Come see why Tennessee's best are choosing Middle Tennessee State University. Come be one.