Judson Wood
Murfreesboro, TN

I'm Judson Wood and I'm one of Tennessee's Best.

My major is political science with a concentration in public administration. I have a minor in history but come close to another with 12 hours of Spanish. I am going to graduate a semester early. I love MTSU, but not five year's worth! I plan to go on to law school-I hope to go to Georgetown University to pursue a career in civil rights law. I'm getting a great educational foundation for my future right here at Middle Tennessee.

I have the Hope Scholarship and a Student Government Scholarship that helps me attend MTSU. The Hope covers my tuition and books and it is one less phone call I have to make to my parents for money. My parents really appreciate it. I feel as if I don't have to worry about money. I worked hard to earn those scholarships and now I don't have to pay anything for my undergraduate degree. It's less money I have to worry about for law school.

Having the scholarships also allows me a certain social freedom. If I am not stuck at a job, it certainly gives me the opportunity to say 'I can make it to that meeting,' or 'let's go out to dinner.' The scholarships have really allowed me the chance to be involved in ways I never imagined possible.

MTSU is a really good school. Not only do you learn a lot in classes, but there are many chances to get involved on campus as well. At MTSU, you are going to meet people from all over the state and the country, if not the world. You are going to see what life is like outside Memphis, or Knoxville, whereever you are from. And studies have shown that being involved is what makes you want to stay on campus.

I've been involved in a little bit of everything while on campus. I've been the Student Government Association Attorney General; been involved in Up 'til Dawn; the AIDS Quilt, and MTSU Student Judicial Board; was president of MTSU College Democrats, and treasurer of Gamma Beta Pi. Off campus, I have been just as busy as the District 16 Committeeman for the Rutherford County Democratic Party and involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the NAACP. I tell everyone, if you want to be involved at MTSU, it is not hard. There are people from all walks of like who are involved on campus. No matter what your beliefs are, you will find someone who agrees with you.

When I came for my campus visit, it was dark and raining. There was construction going on all over campus-it looked horrible. I really only came for the visit because my friend was going to go here and when I saw campus I couldn't figure out why. But then we started to meet people. And everyone was so nice. I looked at a whole bunch of schools-all over Tennessee-but none of them had that homey feel that MTSU had. I wanted to go a school where I was a person and not just another number. That place was MTSU.

I could have gone a lot of places I chose MTSU because I like the campus enormously. If you warm up to MTSU, MTSU warms up to you. It's a great place to be!