Organizational Communication

The minor in

Organizational Communication

The minor in Organizational Communication provides a 15-credit intensive study of organizational concepts and ideas. Since most of the courses in the minor will be part of MTSU's Experiential Learning Program, the minor is an excellent choice for students who want to graduate with the EXL designation (must also complete EXL 4000 for 1 credit hour).

By promoting the process of organizational understanding through personal development and application in an intentional and structured way, the Organizational Communication minor serves students' needs by allowing them to gain hands on appreciation of organizational theories and practices. The Organizational Communication minor is intended to support/enhance numerous degree programs across campus whose graduates intend to enter organizational life.

This minor became available to students in Fall 2011, and so far, 6 students have graduated with this minor.  Twenty-nine students are currently in the minor.

ORCO 3240 Introduction to Organizational Communication

Choose among these courses (12 hours)
ORCO 3245 Women, Leadership, and Communication
ORCO 3250 Organizational Communication in Communities
ORCO 3500 Strategic Communication in Organizations
ORCO 3650 Conflict and Organizations
ORCO 3750 Organizational Communication Analysis
ORCO 4000 Topics in Organizational Communication
ORCO 4200 Multinational Organizations
ORCO 4210 Applied Organizational Projects
ORCO 4220 Internship in Organizational Communication
ORCO 4450 Directed Study in Organizational Communication
ORCO 4500 Senior Capstone in Organizational Communication

No more than 3 hours of ORCO 4210 or ORCO 4220 may be taken for this minor. Also no more than 3 hours of ORCO 4000 may be taken for this minor.

For advising, please contact one of these professors:

Dr. Sharon S. Smith, Jones Hall 346,
Dr. Janet K. McCormick, Jones Hall 344,
Dr. Mary Beth Asbury, Jones Hall 342, 

Dr. McCormick, Dr. Asbury, and Dr. Smith promote the Org Com
major and minor at the fall department fair.