Organizational Communication

The interdisciplinary major in

Organizational Communication


Suggestions for students who want to consult on:
* employee communication
* orientation and training
* conflict management and resolution processes
* employee recruiting and relocating
* intercultural/international communication

You can consult either internally as an employee or externally as a free-lance consultant. A minor in Entrepreneurship is highly recommended if you want to own a consulting business.  A minor in Management, Marketing, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, or Global Studies would be beneficial.

Courses suggested below seem to be best if your interest is in consulting; however, they are not required. You may take any of the courses approved for General Education and for the Cognate in the Organizational Communication major.

General Education - 41 hours
Suggestions for General Education: From among the 41 hours required in the General Education, we recommend specific courses in three areas which seem pertinent to consulting.

Humanities and/or Fine Arts:
PHIL 1030 Introduction to Philosophy
Natural Sciences:
CHEM 1030/1031 Chemistry for the Consumer
Social/Behavioral Sciences:
ECON 2410 Principles of Macroeconomics
PSY 1410 General Psychology
SOC 2010 Social Problems

Organizational Communication major - 33 hours
Please talk to your advisor about requirements in the major.

Cognate - 18 hours
Please look over the Cognate list and choose courses that sound interesting and will help you with your career goals.

Electives - 28 hours
Suggestions for Electives: For your elective hours, we recommend you choose more courses listed in the Cognate or from the following list.

  • ACTG 1110 Introduction to Accounting
    or ACTG 3000 Survey of Accounting for General Business
  • BCEN 1400 Introduction to Business
  • COMM 2150 Voice and Diction
  • CSCI 1150 Computer Orientation
  • ECON 4420 Labor and Human Resource Economics
  • INFS 1010 Social Networking
  • MGMT 3630 Organization Theory
  • MGMT 4640 Human Resources Planning and Staffing
  • MGMT 4650 Human Resources Development
  • MGMT 4680 Organization Behavior
  • MGMT 4830 Performance Appraisal
  • MGMT 4920 Small Business Management
  • PS 2120 Mediation Procedure
  • PSY 2010 Psychology of Social Behavior
  • PSY 4400 Behavioral Modification