Organizational Communication

Faculty Advisory Council for the major in

Organizational Communication

The purpose of the Organizational Communication Council is to provide support and guidance for the interdisciplinary Organizational Communication major at MTSU. The Council is composed of MTSU faculty who teach courses offered in the major and/or have a sincere interest in the success of the organizational communication program. There are a minimum of eight council members, and the chair is selected from among the members. The chair of the Department of Speech & Theatre serves in an ex officio capacity since the major is housed in that department.

Members are invited to serve on the Council by majority vote of current members. Members must be tenured or tenure track faculty, and every effort is made to represent each department with courses in the major.

Council members meet once a year to discuss the needs, issues, and challenges specific to the program. Likewise, the Council reviews and offers advice on curriculum, processes, and procedures as needed including Institutional Effectiveness.

Council members are expected to serve as follows:

* Advise on curricular changes
* Develop additional coursework, as needed
* Bring together faculty to create partnerships that support the major
* Foster relationships among faculty, students, and administrators
* Promote, sustain, and strengthen the program

Council Members

Dr. Mary Beth Asbury
Dr. Jill Austin
Dr. Beverly Burke
Dr. Leigh Ann Clark
Dr. Michael Hein 
Dr. Janet McCormick  
Dr. Wayne Rollins
Dr. Sharon Smith
Dr. Gretchen Webber 

Recent Accomplishments

* approved a 2.0 GPA in the major overall, and deleted the requirement of a C in every course in the major

* approved the major as an online program in addition to its current status as an on-campus program

* removed the requirement of a statistics course from the major

* increased the major to 33 hours by moving Internships/Applied Projects into the major

* revised the Cognate

* included ORCO 3245 Women, Leadership, and Communication as either/or option with ORCO 3500 Strat Com

* revised council charge to be more in line with those of other advisory councils on campus