Organizational Communication

The interdisciplinary major in

Organizational Communication

Intercultural and International Organizations

Suggestions for students who want to work in corporations and nonprofit organizations that have an intercultural or international focus.

A minor in Global Studies or a foreign language is highly recommended.

Courses below seem to be best if your interest is in intercultural and/or international organizations; however, they are not required. You may take any of the courses approved for General Education and for the Cognate in the Organizational Communication major.

General Education - 41 hours
Suggestions for General Education: From among the 41 hours required in the General Education, we recommend specific courses in two areas which seem pertinent to intercultural and international organizations.

Humanities and/or Fine Arts:
HUM 2610 Foreign Literature in Translation
HIST 1120 Survey of World Civilization II
Social/Behavioral Sciences:
AAS 2100 Introduction to African-American Studies
ANTH 2010 Cultural Anthropology
GEOG 2000 Regional Geography

Organizational Communication major - 33 hours
Please talk to your advisor about requirements in the major.

Cognate - 18 hours
Please look over the Cognate list and choose courses that sound interesting and will help you with your career goals.

Electives - 28 hours
Suggestions for Electives: For your elective hours, we recommend you choose more courses listed in the Cognate or from the following list.

  • ABAS 2500 Wine Appreciation
  • ABAS 3200 International Wine Industry
  • CSCI 1150 Computer Orientation
  • ECON 3540 Japanese Economy and Business
  • ENGL 3300 Native American Literature
  • ENGL 3360 Multicultural Literature of the United States
  • GEOG 3420 Geography of Latin America
  • GEOG 3440 Geography of Asia
  • GEOG 3460 Geography of the Former Soviet Union
  • GEOG 3470 Geography of Africa
  • GEOG 4500 Geography of the Middle East
  • HIST 3140 Latin American History
  • HIST 3150 Global History
  • HIST 3160 Study Abroad in Africa
  • HIST 4440 The Middle East
  • HIST 4450 Japan
  • HIST 4460 China
  • HIST 4490 Mexico and the Caribbean
  • HIST 4690 Native American History
  • INFS 1010 Social Networking
  • PS 3210 International Relations
  • RS 3020 Comparative Religion
  • RS 4050 Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  • SOC 2150 Introduction to Latin American Studies
    (same as 2150 in SPAN, PS, ART, ANTH, and GEOG)
  • SW 3100 International Social Work