Organizational Communication

Expand Your Horizons in

Organizational Communication

With Study Abroad Experiences

While you are attending MTSU, take advantage of the many opportunities to travel and study in other countries.

ORCO majors have been to:

* Scotland
* England
* Africa
* Thailand
* Singapore
* China
* India
* Haiti
* Prague, Czech Republic
* Germany
* Iceland
* Italy 
Check out the web site for Education Abroad & Student Exchange at:

If you want to study abroad, plan about nine months ahead. Get your passport, and talk to MTSU students who have studied abroad. Start researching programs. Visit the Office of Education Abroad & Student Exchange in 207 Peck Hall. No appointment is needed Monday-Wednesday between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m.

Programs are available for varying lengths, including 1-3 weeks, 4-5 weeks, full semester, and full year:

MTSU offers a Study Abroad Scholarship. Other scholarships and financial aid can also help you finance your overseas experience.

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