Frequently Asked Questions

Is Parking Services is self-supporting?

MTSU Parking and Transportation Services is an "auxiliary department," which means that we are a completely self-supporting operation through revenue received from parking permit fees, citation fines, parking meters and other special services.

What does the revenue Parking Services collects pay for?

  • Construction of new parking lots
  • Electrical needs for new parking lots
  • Maintenance of parking lots, including re-striping
  • All signage related to parking
  • The operation of the Raider Xpress campus shuttle bus system, including the purchase of new buses, maintenance, fuel, bus shelters and drivers' salaries and benefits.
  • The operation of the Parking and Transportation Services department, including all office expenses, staff salaries and benefits

Where can I pay for my citations?

Payments for parking citations may be mailed to the MTSU Bursar's Office, Murfreesboro, TN 37132. Do not mail cash; mail check or money order only. To insure proper credit, your M number must be on your check or money order.

Any payments, including cash payments, may be made at the MTSU Bursar's Office located in the Student Services and Admissions Center during regular business hours.

Students can also make a payment via pipeline. Logon to your Pipeline account and go to Raidernet. Under Raidernet go to Student Tab and Student Account. You will want to pay current term account.

I have a permit, but forgot to hang it. What should I do?

Permits are transferable from vehicle to vehicle. It is the owners' responsibility to properly display the permit. If an individual with a current permit receives a violation for not properly displaying a permit, the citation will be canceled only if the citation is taken to the Parking and Transportation Services Office within seven (7) working days of issuance of the citation, and the violator can show the current permit at that time. No more than three (3) such citations will be canceled per semester.

Do visitors need a permit?

All visitors are requested to use parking meters or report to the Parking and Transportation Services Office in 1403 East Main Street (just behind the old St. Marks Church) to secure a visitor's parking permit that will allow them to park in a green area that is not reserved.

Immediate family members of faculty, administration, staff and students must park at meters or register their vehicles with Parking and Transportation Services by obtaining a temporary parking permit. Failure to comply may result in the vehicle being issued a "No Campus Permit" citation, and the fine will not be waived as it is assumed the student, faculty, or staff members parked the unregistered vehicle on campus. (See Rule 2-15 of the Traffic and Parking Regulations Brochure).