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SECTION 6: Visitors

6-1: A visitor is any person who has business or other reason to be on the campus but who is not a current student or a member of the faculty, staff, or administration with the exception of immeditate family of faculty, staff, and students (see section 2-15).

6-2: All visitors are requested to use parking meters or to report to the Parking Services Office at1403 East Main Street to secure a visitor's parking permit. Visitor parking permits will not be issued to vehicles registered to current students or employees. Everyone must pay to park at a meter.

6-3: Visitors are welcome on the campus and may park in any green color-coded space that is not marked as reserved.. Visitors are reminded that they are subject to the regulations, ordinances, and laws pertaining to motor vehicles while on the campus and that violation of such may result in a citation and/or towing of the vehicle.

6-4: Visitors receiving an unregistered violation (No. 32: No Campus Permit) when parked in a green space, should sign the ticket and mail or deliver the ticket to Parking Services, P.O. Box 147, MTSU, Murfreesboro, TN 37132.

6-5: Requests for special guest parking should be submitted to the Parking Services Office as far in advance as possible. Special event parking requests should be submitted at least seven (7) business days in advance. This time is needed to coordinate because of the numerous parking requests received.