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SECTION 7: Residential Parking (Students Living in an MTSU Housing Complex)

7-1: All residents of MTSU on-campus housing are required to obtain a parking permit according to their resident area (See Section 2-4). A maximum of two permits may be obtained by any family residing at Womack Lane Apartments.

7-2: Any on-campus housing resident  who holds a valid Blue parking permit or White parking permit is also required to receive a special validation sticker that is to be placed adjacent to the MTSU parking permit. This validation sticker may be received through the Parking Services Office. (The validation sticker will be issued free of charge. There will be a different validation sticker for each semester.)

7-3: Abandoned/immobile vehicles parked in residential parking lots will be towed at the owner's/registrant's expense (TCA 55-16-101 to 55-16-109).

7-4: All residential parking areas are reserved for the residents of these areas only. All other vehicles are subject to be cited and/or removed at the owner's/registrant's expense.

7-5: All students that reside on campus are not allowed to park elsewhere on campus, except in the housing area in which they reside. Any designated overflow parking will be announced by public notice by the Parking Services Office to the residents.

7-6: Any residents who holds a valid MTSU Blue parking permit may park in any legal Blue, White, or Green parking space as well as the parking meters.

7-7: Any resident who holds a valid MTSU White parking permit may park in any legal White,Green or red permit parking area.