Parking Tips

MTSU parking regulations are in effect all year, even during holiday breaks.

All vehicles on campus Monday through Friday must display an MTSU parking permit or be parked in a metered space. The parking permits must be displayed in the front windshield, either attached to the rearview mirror or in the lower corner of the driver's side---with the decal number clearly visible through front windshield when viewed from outside. Please display a current and valid permit, and park in a legally designated space.

When locating a parking space, please be aware that prime parking locations fill up first. There is ample campus parking and a shuttle service to all major points on campus.

If a person receives five (5) or more traffic/parking citations (paid or unpaid) in a semester, his/her vehicle is subject to towing/booting. That person will be responsible for any fines assessed against the vehicle, plus any cost for towing/booting.

Everyone must pay at the parking meters.

Citations may be given every four (4) hours. Overtime parking citations (meters) will be issued every hour.