Physical Education

Undergraduate Programs

2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog Physical Education, B.S.

Physical Education Teacher Education Program
The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Physical Education is offered for students seeking a Tennessee K-12 Physical Education Teaching License. Guided by the NASPE Standards for beginning teachers, the major prepares teacher candidates in the areas of physical education content knowledge, instructional assessment, curriculum planning, and effective pedagogical skills. The program includes courses in the major disciplinary areas of physical education as well as courses that include significant clinical and practical experiences.

Non-Teaching Physical Education Program
Physical education is a comprehensive field that engages individuals of all ages, abilities, and cultures in movement experiences that contribute to their growth and development. Physical education is a dynamic field, constantly evolving as societal trends, demographics, and other factors impact upon it.

Activities Program
Physical education is an integral part of the total educational process, which contributes to development in the cognitive, affective, motor, and health-related fitness learning domains. The attainment of fitness, skills and knowledge in a variety of physical activities contributes to the social and emotional growth, as ell as the physical development of each student