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The photos requested will be used for
  Facebook (4X6 @ 180 dpi)
  Website/PowerPoint (4X6 @ 72 dpi)
  News Release/Outside Media (8.5X5.25 @ 200 dpi)
  A publication (300 dpi)
  Future Use/Files
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Who is to be photographed? (be as specific as you can, including the number of people expected in group shots, names of the special guests or dignitaries you want to be sure are photographerd, or the number of awardess -- include a list of names if you have one, etc.)
Where will the picture take place? (specific room number, other clear location, directions, etc.)
How or where will the photo be used (brochure, website, news release, etc.)?
Do you want the photographer to select images or do you want to select them?
  I'll select them
  The photographer should select them
Can you provide IDs for the people in the photo now?
  (In order to catalog your photos appropriately, we'll need you to send a list of people in the photos if you are not able to provide the list before the event.)
What is the level of priority of these photos (once the photographers have taken them) to you and your work:
  RUSH (Within 2 business days)
Rush charge is a minimum $10 or 100% over the cost of the order, whichever is greater. Priority charge is a minimum of $5 or 50% over the cost of the order, whichever is greater.
  1 week turnaround
  Within 2 weeks
  No hurry