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Partners in Education

The Partners In Education (PIE) program is designed to strengthen the three-way partnership among the student, the family, and the University so as to maximize support of the academic success of the student. By completing and signing a Student Release of Confidential Informationform, students may allow designated persons access to specific academic information otherwise protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). These designated persons will have access to grades and progress reports of their student members, letters concerning certain types of disciplinary dispensations, and may telephone or e-mail the University College Advising Center for other information related to their students - academic progress, financial aid, and account information as long as the membership is active. Students may withdraw permission to release information at any time.

Below you can download the PIE form which includes more information about the program and the Student Release of Confidential Information form.  Complete for the form and bring it to the University College Advising Center in the McFarland Building.  The form can also be send via US mail or fax, information is on the form. 

Partners In Education (PIE) Form