II:01:03 Emeritus Faculty

A faculty member who has served the University with distinction over a period of years may be awarded the title Emeritus or Emerita upon retirement. The President of the University may confer the title of Emeritus upon any retiring professor (after 10 years), associate professor (after 15 years), assistant professor and instructor (after 20 years), who has given honorable and distinguished full-time service to the university. The conferring of the emeritus title must be recommended by the appropriate department chair, dean and the University Provost. The title would normally follow the regular professional title, e.g., Professor of History, Emeritus.

If faculty members meet all criteria for the conferring of the emeritus title but do not accept retirement at the time active work at the university ceases, they may be awarded the title to become effective at the time they begin to receive benefits from one of the approved retirement options available to faculty members.

Emeritus faculty should be entitled to such privileges and benefits, other than monetary compensation, as are available to active, full-time faculty. The privileges and benefits carry with them the same responsibilities as for regular faculty. These privileges may include, but not necessarily be limited to: to be included in faculty lists in University bulletins (under the heading of Emeriti Faculty); to have faculty library privileges; to be permitted to purchase faculty parking permits; to be permitted to acquire tickets to athletic events at no more than faculty rates; to use University recreation facilities; to make purchases at the University bookstore at the faculty discount rate; to be allowed to participate in academic ceremonies and other academic activities; to take part generally with the regular faculty in all social and ceremonial functions of the University; to receive other privileges which may be extended to regular faculty; and to be issued an appropriate identification card.

Public recognition of emeritus status will be made at the appropriate commencement exercises.

Revisions: February 1, 1991; December 18, 2012.