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Business and Finance Policies

policy number policy name
IV:00:01 Environmental Health and Safety
IV:00:03 Inclement Weather
IV:00:04 Hazardous Waste Reduction Policy and Plan
IV:00:05 Fire Alarm Notification for Persons with Disabilities
IV:00:06 Automated External Defibrillators
IV:00:07 Fire Safety in On-Campus Student Residential Housing
IV:00:08 Temporary Ban on Self-Balancing Scooters
IV:02:01 Motor Pool Services
IV:04:01 Cash Purchases and Petty Cash Funds
IV:04:03 Budgetary Accounting Controls
IV:04:04 Internal Audit (TBR Policy 4:01:05:00)
IV:04:06 Campus Post Office
IV:04:07 Equipment/Movable Property Inventory Control
IV:04:08 Reporting and Resolution of Institutional Losses (TBR Guideline B-080)
IV:04:09 Comprehensive Travel Regulations
IV:04:11 Payrolls
IV:04:12 Telephone Service--Local and Long Distance
IV:04:13 Policy for Purchase of Meals and Refreshments for Both On and Off Campus
IV:04:14 Collections from Employees
IV:04:16 Building Access
IV:04:17 Tickets and Admissions to Athletic Events
IV:04:18 Wireless Telephones (Cell Phones) | Allowance Request for Wireless Telephone Service
IV:04:19 Membership and Subscriptions
IV:04:20 Food Service - Self-Catered or Off Campus Vendor | Application To Bring Food On Campus
IV:04:21 Cost Transfer Guide for Sponsored Projects
IV:04:22 University Purchasing Card (P-Card) Program
IV:04:23 PCI DSS Information Security
IV:04:24 Gifts, Prizes, and Awards
IV:05:01 Procedures Pertaining to Cash Receipts and Deposits
IV:05:03 Student Fees-Incidental Charges and Refunds (TBR Guideline B-060 - Fees, Charges, Refunds and Fee Adjustments)
IV:05:04 Classification of Employees, Their Spouses and Children, and Graduate Assistants for Purposes of Fees and Tuition (TBR Policy 5:01:04:10 - Classification of Benefits for  Fees and Tuition)
IV:05:05 Student Fee Discount for Spouses and Dependent Children of Employees
IV:05:06 Employee Tuition Waiver
IV:06:01 Procurement Procedures | Purchasing Appendices
IV:06:02 Disposal of Surplus Personal Property (TBR Policy 4:02:20:00 - Disposal of Surplus Personal Property)
IV:06:03 Grants, Contracts and Other Agreements (TBR Policy 4:02:10:00 - Purchasing Policies and Procedures)
IV:06:04 Naming Buildings and Facilities and Building Plaques
IV:06:05 Campus Commemoratives Policy
IV:07:01 Nepotism
IV:07:02 Conditions of Employment
IV:07:03 Hours of Work, Classified Employees
Leave Policies
IV:07:07 Compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act
IV:07:08 Compensation for the Death or Injury of a University Employee and Redress of Injuries and Property Damage Arising from Negligence of University Employees
IV:07:09 Student Employment
IV:07:10 Disciplinary Procedures - Classified Personnel
IV:07:11 Employee Grievance/Complaint Procedures
IV:07:12 Appointment of Graduate Assistants
IV:07:13 The Classification-Compensation Plan and Pay Administration for Basic Occupations (Clerical and Supporting Types)
IV:07:14 Holidays/Administrative Closings
IV:07:15 Staff Performance Evaluations
IV:07:16 Equal Opportunity: Internal Audit and Reporting Systems
IV:07:17 Personnel Records
IV:07:18 Exit Interview/Check-Out Procedures for Terminating Regular Employees
IV:07:19 Drug-Free Workplace
IV:07:20 Salary Increase for Attaining Certified Administrative Professional Status
IV:07:21 Promotions of Classified, Executive and Administrative Employees
IV:07:22 Attendance Policy for Inclement Weather
IV:07:23 Support Staff Grievance Procedures
IV:07:24 Outside Employment, Extra Compensation and Dual Services Agreement
IV:07:25 Alternate Work Arrangements

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