IV:07:18 Exit Interview/Check-Out Procedures for Terminating Regular Employees


The purpose of the exit interview/check-out procedure is to provide all regular employees the opportunity to discuss benefits, final pay, outstanding accounts and University property assigned to them. Each employee will be given the option of completing an exit interview survey relating to his/her experience.


A. Each terminating employee shall submit a resignation in the form of a letter to his/her immediate supervisor. The resignation letter will be forwarded with the necessary paperwork to the Office of Human Resource Services.

B. When it is determined that an employee is terminating (retirement, resignation or dismissal), the department is responsible for contacting the Office of Human Resource Services with the name of the employee. The Office of Human Resource Services will contact the employee to schedule the exit interview. Employees will be advised to bring identification card, parking permit, and any University credit cards. These items will be turned into the Office of Human Resource Services during the exit interview. Time permitting, a memo will be sent to the employee confirming the exit interview and his/her obligations.

C. Employees must clear all monetary and University property obligations prior to the exit interview. The Office of Human Resource Services will contact the Library, Parking and Transportation, Equipment Services, Travel, Payroll and Information Technology to determine if the employee has any outstanding accounts or University property, and to advise of employee termination. Other service areas may be contacted if necessary in order to obtain accurate account status. Failure to clear all accounts could delay distribution of the employee's final check.

D. If the employee has clearance on all accounts, the final payroll check will be direct deposited. If determination is made that the employee is not clear on his/her accounts, the check will be sent to the Office of Human Resource Services for distribution and will not be direct deposited. Direct deposits may be stopped at any time during the termination process if necessary. The employee may request that his/her final paycheck be mailed by the Office of Human Resource Services.

Revisions: August 20, 2003; January 1, 2010; May 28, 2014.