IV:07:22 Attendance Policy for Inclement Weather


This policy is to provide a uniform method of handling "weather day" absences that occur when employees are prevented or delayed from getting to work, or leave work early, because of a severe storm, snow accumulation, icy roads, flooding, etc., and to provide guidelines in the event the University is officially closed.


When a "weather day" occurs, usually some employees make it to work and others do not. The University does not give free time off for such absences unless the University is officially closed. No free time off is authorized except as provided in this policy. Time missed is accounted for by permitting the employee to elect to be paid for the absence by charging the time to accumulated annual leave, if applicable.

Similarly, if employees are given permission to leave work early, the work time missed is accounted for as annual leave.


If the University is officially closed, the following conditions apply:

A. Employees in other than essential services, as determined by the supervisor:

1. An employee shall receive pay for the part of the work schedule missed during the official closedown period in the following circumstances:

a. Employee is at work until the closedown officially begins, irrespective of the time of arrival to work.

b. Employee is informed not to report for work during the closedown.

2. The status of an employee who is on approved annual or sick leave prior to the official closedown and not scheduled to work or is on a regularly scheduled day off, layoff, or leave of absence without pay does not change because there is an official closedown.

B. Employees in essential services, as determined by the supervisor. An employee who is required by the supervisor to work during an official closedown will be paid in accordance with MTSU Policy IV:07:03 Hours of Work, Classified Employees, Section VIII, Emergency Call Back Time.

Revisions: September 5, 1995; August 24, 2004; July 19, 2012; March 29, 2013.

Cross-references: MTSU Policy IV:07:03 Hours of Work, Classified Employees